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Payment Methods for the Architectural Rendering Services

Our aim is to help clients by giving secure and fast ways to pay for the architectural rendering services. We are always looking for additional methods to facilitate the payment task. We listen to different suggestions from our architect, developer and interior designer clients and we act upon them. Below there is a list of payment methods we are working with:

Bank Wire Transfers

Bank wire transfer is considered a very secure method to pay. Architectural firms, Real Estate & advertising agencies, and developers choose to make this type of transactions. [Please, ask for our bank account information by completing the request on the right]

Bank Deposits

Bank Deposit is another alternative to wire transfering. We reply by email with detailed payment instructions that includes:

  • Amount,
  • Bank account number, and
  • Account holder

We check our bank accounts daily for new payments. You will get an email when your payment is received.


PayPal is the most preferred way of payment for individuals, architects and interior designers. Some developers also use this secure method. PayPal lets you easily send secure payments online using a credit, debit card or bank account. [Fill the form on the right and request a personal link to make your initial deposit]

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and debit card payments are a good way to pay if you still want to make an electronic transaction. We use PayPal security for your purchase protection.

Western Union and Money Gram

Western Union or Money Gram services are additional good possibilities to make a deposit. As PayPal, they are also fast transaction systems. After sending the money, please provide with:

  • Full name of the sender,
  • Amount of money,
  • Complete Address, and
  • The Money Transfer Control Number provided by Western Union.

[Please, enter the information in the right to request for the receiver complete information in order to complete the transaction]


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